• Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
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Dream City is a big residential project

Dream City Erbil

Erbil Dream City project is situated between 100 Meter Street and 40 Meter Street about 2 km on the north-west of the city center and about 5 minutes by car to the Erbil International Airport.

This is a particularly peaceful area away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and it is ideal for a residential complex .

it occupies an area of ​​approximately 1,000,000 square meters.

It was built by Nasri Group of Companies LTD (NGC), one of the major operating companies in Iraq specialized in hotels building, commercial markets and giant residential units .

Mr. Tony Hozeph is the general manager of Nasri Group of Companies LTD (NGC) .

Erbil Dream City project Work began in early 2005 .

Erbil Dream City is considering the largest residential and tourism projects in the Kurdistan region of Iraq that implemented & Contracted by NGC .

Erbil Dream City project is located in Erbil, capital of the province to the west of Erbil's citadel, and at a distance of 2 kilometers built on a plot of land and is surrounded by a fence of more than 4000 kilometers length and four main gates.

Dream City Erbil

The complex is Linking by network of main roads and sub-wooded roads addition to offers excellent infrastructure concerning electricity, water supply, sewage system, and, of course, telephone and fast Internet network.

The complex has 4 gated entries and includes four major roads .

The first main road at the gate No. 1 overlooking the street Golan street ( 40 Meter St), which its width 40 meters fraught with trees on both sides . On the right side located architectures cultural center, shopping center, primary, middle schools, kindergarten, nursery and a green area .

The most important thing in this project is the city's infrastructure, in particular the sewer system, which relies modern technological methods in terms of wastewater treatment plants .

Erbil Dream City is not far from the city center and close to Erbil International Airport and Sami Abdul Rahman Park , It is surrounded by main roads and easy to reach .

In the residential area of the complex, there are 1200 separate housing units of different sizes, from 250m2 to 900m2, whose prices vary accordingly. However, for those who would like something smaller and less expensive, the 4 apartment buildings offer apartments of different sizes and different prices.

This we hope to have provided the best climates and health and psychological atmosphere to live and stay healthy and masterful use of modern technologies .

Dream City Erbil

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